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Anne-Marie Lizin welcomes you on her new website !

You'll find a lot of informations such as : full agenda and news as regularly as possible. Find also pictures and all informations about her career and life.

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You'll also notice that a new movement was freshly created. This new movement is called "POURHUY" and has the will to offer a new alternative to the authorities in office. We are working on various friendly activities with some people sharing the same love for our city, they wish to offer you funny cultural events and amazing social actions.

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Dear friends,
Hocrint has done a fantastic job during the last days in New York (Pekin+15) and the women’s day in Paris, focusing on honour crimes and forced marriages at the highest level.
The colloque in France was the first on this matter.
Who are we ?
Specialists and individuals involved to fight the honour crimes and forced marriages in all countries concerned in the world.
What is HOCRINT ?
A computerized connection, sending information to the members of the network.
Any of you may add informations.
In sending it to coalitions.femmes@skynet.be. We will put it on the hocrintnet via Mrs Anne-Marie Lizin.
Where are we ?
In Paris ( 6 place Saint Germain des Près 75005 PARIS France ) and all over the world

Download the press release 23/04/2012

Dear Friends,
We are delighted to inform you that the Youth Against Human Trafficking facebook page has now been officially published!

This page was created in response to the feedback we have been receiving throughout the years from young people of 15-24 years’ wanting to become more involved in raising awareness and taking action against this illicit trade and terrible violation of human rights.
We hope that Youth Against Human Trafficking will therefore be their platform to express themselves and share their thoughts about ending human trafficking. We also hope that through this page, young people will be able to organize the activities they wish to explore by using the communication channel they like best: social media.
The youth have always been an important component of our activities since the creation of End Human Trafficking Now (EHTN) in 2006. We have tried to integrate a young people’s section in all our events and will continue to do so in the future. This is not only a two-way learning experience but also an opportunity to hear what young people have to say, and take their thoughts and concerns on board.
We look forward to seeing how young people will use this facebook platform to promote peace, human security and zero tolerance to human trafficking. To these activists of today and leaders of tomorrow, we would like to reiterate the following message:
“This page is for YOU to SPEAK OUT against human trafficking! So please invite all your friends and make change happen!!”
With best regards,
Senior Advocacy & Communications Manager
End Human Trafficking Now

With Malala Yusafzai and her father, at their place, in Birmingham.

Latest News

07/09/2014 - Summary of the debates in Kryniça.

- huge satisfaction of the polish people of the nomination of M. D. Tusk as president of the Council. They seem to believe that he will run Europe, not only chair the meetings.
- real provocations towards M. Poutine, speaking about his war against Europe, and saying that we are at war, all Europe against him. Only Zapatero and Anne-Marie Lizin took another position, remembering that we cannot accept the word war, or any of this sort.
-more than the polish, the lithaunian where totally provocative, specially a previous prime minister. Even an old polish specialist has remember him to keep quiet.

If we let these "specialists"  move free, they will push Europe in a direction totally against its own will and interests. It is time to wake up.

Anne-Marie Lizin

13/05/2014 - A book on the story of International socialist.

A new book, written by Pentti Väänänen, is telling the story of the International Socialist and the efforts for palestine-Israel peace process. You will see the actions of mrs Lizin, during the 1980 years, on this matter.
This book is called "Purppuraruusu ja samettinyrkki" in finnish which means "The Purple Rose & the Velvet Fist".

Link : Pentti Väänänen

12/10/2012 - The Nobel Appeal.

The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union is an acknowledgement that reminds us what it has achieved on the continent. It is also an appeal to continue and overcome the present crisis.

After the Second World War, the second civilian European conflict which set the planet on fire, Europe was a ruined continent and both victors and the vanquished only had before them an exit from history which would now be written without them. Men of inspiration like Churchill, Schuman, Adenauer, de Gasperi and many others decided to offer their people a different logic from the warring attitude of the past by weaving indissoluble solidarity, the consequences of which have been peace, stability and a return to prosperity.

67 years after the fighting ceased Europe is now the wealthiest continent on the planet and whatever the differences are between peoples and nations, no one even thinks about settling these by force.

Now there are rules, procedures and institutions where those differences are debated - it is true that this sometimes takes time and developments are slow - but the obligation is there to overcome them. It appeared to be an impossible exercise but this example helped overthrow the Greek, Spanish, Portuguese and Eastern Communist dictatorships, bringing democracy back to 180 million Europeans. The European example is considered by all of the continents, in Asia where territorial conflict causes tension, in Africa where ethnic disagreement sets the pace for so much strife and in other places where the modernity of the European idea, its use of solidarity and dialogue are often the only counterweights to traditional behaviour founded on power struggles.

This Nobel Prize is well deserved.

It is also an appeal however. Europe has been struck by the world crisis all the harder because it is incomplete. In a bid to respect various national identities it is now hesitating to take the next step forwards, notably to offer its citizens genuine economic and social prospects to emerge from the crisis. Economic, budgetary and fiscal union is self-evident but governments are finding this difficult because it affects the very heart of the States' competences. A European budget worthy of the name, Fiscal Union, a Single Common Economic Policy are the answers to the present crisis. In a way Europeans now face a challenge similar to the one they had to rise to just after the Second World War.

If they want to count in the 21st century, if they want to remain in the global race, they can do it by assuming their dimension as a continent, the only thing that is pertinent today. This is the message sent out by the Nobel Committee which is encouraging them to take that step forward.

The progress achieved since 2007 in terms of the economic governance of the Union is significant but inadequate. There has been a series of effective patches, skilfully applied to the old shell which cannot take anymore. In order to sail on troubled waters in this century we need to make a qualitative leap which a new safe, more unified vessel would offer us, firstly from an economic point of view with the rest following suit.  

If Europe takes this route, offering a solution to the crisis, which it can achieve, then the citizens will support it again. This appeal has been sent out to the people and their leaders. Continue and rise to the challenge!

Published on my site: www.jd-giuliani.eu

Jean-Dominique GIULIANI

Link : Published on: www.jd-giuliani.eu

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